If you are twin mom, then you KNOW what having two babies does to one woman’s body.  If you aren’t, let me just tell you, it ain’t pretty. Unlike a “singleton pregnancy” (that’s twin mom slang for your normal pregnancy), I couldn’t just post a cute “bumpie”, or even go out in a cute maternity shirt without getting the craziest comments.

“Oh hell naw…” to this? Rude!

From (this is a REAL quote, people): “Oh hell naw, this is da saggiest belly I’ve ever seen. Why would you post this disgusting (sp) pic of yourself and think that others are impressed…YIKES, we are trying to forget we saw this…” to “Are you having triplets?” and “That looks painful.”

If it was hard for me to have the typical experience during my pregnancy, the aftermath of having twins has been even harder.  While pregnant with my singleton, I got an umbilical hernia and had some “spliting” of my abs. Basically my abs separated, but did not need surgery or physical therapy and soon after closed for the most part on their own.  I did get surgery for my umbilical hernia, which I immediately regretted.  My belly button did not go back to an “innie” and I was just simply left with scar tissue.  Now, post-twin pregnancy my abs are split more than ever before and I continue to look pregnant.  Saggy, stretched skin accompany my “pouch”.  And even though I have lost the pregnancy weight and only weigh a slight 106 lbs my body has changed tremendously.

Bellefit Corset

Two piece bathing suits are no longer a part of my wardrobe and corsets like the Bellefit corset (see my review here) and the Upspring Baby Shrinx belly band are crucial.

Let me follow this by saying, I love my post babies body. I love that it carried all my babies to term and that they were healthy and safe. I love that I’m able to breastfeed my twins and be active with all of them.  I’m not in pain, and I’m happy with what I’ve accomplished so far during my recovery.  One of my complaints, however, is the lack of knowledge the scientific community seems to have regarding Diastasis Recti.  I’ve actually only diagnosed myself with DR based on YouTube videos and Google Searches.  My OB didn’t really look at my stomach besides my c-section scar and after having my umbilical hernia surgery my general surgeon actually asked me “Did you have an outie before?” and was not sure why my belly button didn’t magically reappear.  My physical therapists (all my doctors have been men BTW) also don’t seem to have a clue about DR and if I wasn’t as researched and knew my body as well as I do, probably would have injured me even more!

Not bad for two months postpartum!

So, all this being said, I guess I should give you some tips on dealing with DR as a twin mommy. I’m still not on the end of my journey, but here’s what I’ve learn so far.

1. If you are a twin mom, you probably have Diastasis Recti. It’s not always extreme and it may go away on its own.

2. Test yourself at home and/or talk to your doctor about your options (hopefully your doc has more knowledge on the subject than mine- still love you doc!) Here’s a YouTube vid on how to test for DR- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fiqfFM3kNuk

3. You can still exercise with DR, in fact, there are exercises that will help close the gap. Work with a pelvic floor physical therapist or even look up the exercises online. Personally, I have been still using my Beachbody workout videos, however, I’ve been modifying them to fit my diagnosis.

4. Mentally, you will need to be prepared to struggle. I struggle with the fact that I don’t look the same as I did, even after having my singleton. I struggle with not being as strong as I once was. The exercises that once seemed so easy aren’t as much once you have no abdominal muscles to help you!  Most of all, I struggle with my naked body 🙁 I’m no longer pregnant, but my belly doesn’t know that! Luckily my hubby is supportive and loving, but let’s just say I’m glad I’m not a “professional dancer” or anything right now 😉

5. If all else fails, look forward to a tummy tuck in your future. That sounds bad, until you’ve had twins and know the feeling! Start saving up now 😉

I’m not a doctor, but as a twin mom, I feel your pain! I hope this helps and you know you are NOT alone! Much love mommas!