Lately I’ve been hearing “You are a ‘supermom’!” a lot. I guess having twins and a toddler and still surviving while keeping them all alive is a superpower. And while I’ll agree that I don’t do anything without the strength of God and couldn’t it do without Him, I have to ask the question, “Why can’t we, as moms, have it all?” Why does it seem so odd that I can raise my three while running a home business, keeping up with my health and fitness, loving on my husband, and still have my sanity?

This week has been quite reflective for me.  I’ve been thinking a lot about turning 30 in a few months and reflecting back on my 30 years of life.  While I’ll do my “ode to my  20’s post” closer to my birthday, I want to reflect here that my teen years and my 20’s were drastically different.  Growing up I was a driven and determined girl.  I had HUGE goals and I accomplished a lot of them. I was top of my high school class, an all-state cross county and track runner, got into Stanford University and felt great.  I didn’t settle for less than great.  For some reason, my 20’s hit my self-esteem hard and somewhere I feel like I lost my drive.  Depression had a huge role in this decade, and I’ve felt “lacking” in many areas- career, family, emotions.  I no longer felt like I had the ability to “have it all” and that I just wasn’t enough.

While I still battle with these feelings, going into my 30’s I hope to take on a new perspective. I hope to start listen to others’ positive opinions of me and stop listening to the demons in my head that try to tell me I’m not enough.  With this mentality, I’ll be able to accomplish more and reach some big goals I’ve been too scared before to accomplish.

You want a hot body? You want a Bugatti?
You want a Maserati? You better work b*$#@
You want a Lamborghini? Sippin’ martinis?
Look hot in a bikini? You better work b*&^%

-Britany Spears

Why does it seem that we have to be only ONE thing as a mom- a mom? Why can’t we have it all? My theory is (1) we pigeon hole ourselves with that mentality (2) we don’t make it a priority to do the things we want to accomplish.  Of course, these observations are based on my own behavior and experience, but I don’t feel like I am alone.  Subconsciously, we believe we can’t be more, so we aren’t more. We believe that we can’t be a “good” mom and do things like focus on our own health and fitness or career goals, so we tend to sabotage ourselves in these areas.  Although I do not espouse spreading yourself too thin, I want to challenge your belief that you don’t have enough time or energy to accomplish MORE.  I challenge you to take a look at where you are really spending your time (take a real honest look), and see if there might be some room for your goals.  Personally, I’ve found myself scrolling my newsfeed too much, watching too much TV, and wasting time instead of making and keeping productive habits.  To reach my goals, I will have to put down my phone, turn off the TV, and maybe even cut into my precious sleep (within healthy reason). This means meaning waking up and GETTING UP at 5 am instead of waiting in bed scrolling my newsfeed until the kiddos wake up at 6:30, or instead of hopping in bed as soon as the kiddos go down for the night or sitting down in front of the television getting in a shower so I’m ready (more ready) for the next day.  These are small actions that can make a big difference. The time I save scrolling through social media and watching TV can go to actively engaging with my kids OR cleaning the house OR getting in a 30 minute home workout OR writing a blog post (like I’m doing right now at while my oldest has an hour Rec Class and one of my twinnies sits in my lap).  I could be just checking my phone for this hour, but instead, I’m buckling down and getting to my goal of LIVING OUT LOUD!

I hope my blog can be motivation for you. There is nothing special about me- not in a disparaging way because I think I’m pretty great.  But, I know that if I can do something, you CAN too! I hope that we can work together to make motherhood MORE.  My hope with this post is to show you that you CAN have more, maybe not all of it right now, but with babysteps, careful planning and goal-setting, and time management, MORE.  Because I know and God knows that you were made for more. You have so much more inside you that you haven’t yet tapped into. YOU ARE SUPERWOMAN!