Kate, let me be one of thousands to congratulate you on your new bundle of joy and to welcome you to the three kids club.  I’d like to say that it was normal for most of us to step out of the hospital six hours after giving birth as fabulous as you just did, but that would make me a liar.  Personally, it took me four days and every ounce of my energy to drag myself and my twins out of the hospital, once they kicked me out.  Bringing your babies home can be a bag of emotions, nervousness, joy, and exhaustion.  But, this being the third time around at this, I’m sure you are a pro, and I am truly impressed and happy for your amazingly resilient recovery.  You look gorgeous, regal, and joyous.

While I wasn’t pregnant three times and I’m DEFINITELY not royal by any means, I have learned a few things being a mom of three.  I’ve learned, more than anything, that moms of three don’t need advice, what we need is a hug!  So, here’s my virtual hug to you girl. You are going to need it… Even all the nannies in the world doesn’t take you away from the worry, the instincts, and the time suck that having three kids entails.  (Although I’m sure it helps!)  Right now you will be consumed with the necessities of taking care of an infant, but (as I’m sure you know from your first two) don’t forget to spend that quality time with your older children.  They need to just as much as they did before (if not more).

So welcome to my mom of three mom squad, Kate. Welcome to never having enough arms, bandaids, or patience.  Welcome to being always outnumbered, even with your prince of a husband helping you. 😉 Welcome to the symphony of someone ALWAYS crying.  Welcome to the minivan, multiple trips to the car, too many hands to hold crossing the street.  Welcome to someone always needing you, and at least one kid up at night. Welcome to the “who pooped” game and constantly smelling baby butts.  Welcome to the overwhelming amount of love and joy three kiddos brings, and the tribe of women that are right there with you and don’t judge you when one of those kids is having a melt down.  Welcome to the realization that life will never be the same, but oh so much better.

Who doesn’t dream of playdates at the palace? Tea with the duchess (while our kids scream over baby toys)… And their kiddos eventually marrying into the royal family? 😉 So, yeah, Kate, you can hang with us. Congratulations, beautiful! Way to take on motherhood of three with grace and beauty!