Ways to be Successful on Shakeology

Great! You’ve ordered your monthly HD shipment of Shakeology, now what?

First off, be prepared. Shakeology might not taste how you expected. Your body has gotten so used to processed, sugary foods, it might freak out when you consume something all natural. No, it doesn’t taste like Coca-Cola, and it’s not supposed to! Also, the first time you make it might not be your best time. Getting used to a blender’s settings and what ingredients to use with your Shakeology is half the battle. Here’s my go to recipe:

  • ½ Banana
  • 1 Scoop peanut butter
  • 8 oz. Almond mil  k
  • 4 cubes ice (important because too much and it’s frozen, too little and it’s watery)
  • Any flavor Shakeology (my favorite is chocolate)

*Know that this recipe adds calories to your shake, but if you are using it as a meal replacement you should be fine.

One misconception about Shakeology is that it is simply a weight-loss shake. Wrong. To me, it is what you make it. Adding calories will definitely take away from a weight loss goal, while replacing a fast food run with a shake will help curb your calorie intake. However, for those of you who don’t need weight loss and desire muscle gain, Shakeology is full of proteins and other vitamins that can act as a supplement to a healthy eating plan. My husband drinks Shakeology simply to add more vegetables to his diet. I drink because it makes me feel good and because if I don’t I won’t get enough calories.

Next, do NOT get disappointed! If you don’t like Shakeology at first, your taste buds will change.  Healthy eating is a process. It might even be as easy as changing flavors or finding better recipes. Furthermore, if your weight is not “falling off” in the first week, don’t get discouraged.  Like I said, if you are continuing an unhealthy lifestyle on top of your Shakeology, nothing will change.  Shakeology is a means to an end.  I believe it will help you change your habits.  How do I know? Because it did for me… It’s helped me change my life, and trust me it was a HUGE change.  Don’t give up!

Third, don’t be surprised!  If you order Shakeology HD, you will receive Shakeology monthly and you WILL be billed monthly for it.  I am not afraid to tell you this.  In fact, I will not let you buy it until you know and understand this because Beachbody is a commitment.  It is a commitment, not to me or the company, but to yourself.  Yes, if you don’t like it you have 30-days worry free to receive a full refund.  Yes, you may cancel at ANY time without penalty.  But, I want you to know that changing your life is a commitment!  Here are some tips, however, to help your pocketbook from being less “surprised”… first, before you purchase Shakeology take a good look at your current budget.  Now, Shakeology will cost you about $5 per day.  Look at what meal your Shakeology will be replacing.  Will you spend less on buying cereal, eggs, toast, waffles, etc. for breakfast?  Or, will it replace your daily $8 fast food run?  Those things add up too!  Are there other areas you can cut back in to help save money, like money on desserts and snack foods spent throughout the week? Now that you have budgeted Shakeology into your life, you will have an easier time swallowing that chunk of money that comes out every month.  Personally, I don’t think it’s a lot, but that’s because I see how much value it has.  So, what if you are still having a hard time accepting spending money on creating a healthier and better you?  That is when I would suggest something called “coaching”.  Becoming a Beachbody coach is fun and easy and helps you save money on your Shakeology in a variety of ways.  First, you have the automatic discount on your monthly shipment (you save about $40 a month!).  Second, if you find just 3 friends who would like to drink Shakeology with you and change their life as well, you can pay for your Shakeology completely! It really is amazing what we can do once we make that commitment to ourselves!

Obviously, I am a believer in Shakeology.  I really don’t need to sell it because it sells itself.  I just suggest it to people because I care about them and their health, I really do!  Even if I wasn’t a coach, I know I would tell everyone to buy this product because it has done wonders in my life.  But, it’s not for the people who are just “dipping their toes in the pool of fitness”, if you want to succeed with Shakeology you have to dive all the way in.  You deserve to give yourself a good life because you only live once!  Make this year count! And, if you haven’t committed to Shakeology already, do it!  If you have, use these tips and contact your Beachbody coach about more ways to be successful in your fitness journey.

I am Kylee Austin, and I ready to make the commitment to being your coach.  Visit my website www.beachbodycoach.com/mrskyleeaustin for more information or to contact me today!