Hi! I’m Kylee Austin, coach, personal trainer, and most importantly MOMMY to three amazing little boys. You might have been following my journey through navigating life with twins and a toddler or followed me for fitness motivation or support, but know that whatever connects us, I’m excited and honored to be a part of your journey. I’m pumped to be a part of your life in any way and can’t wait to share with you all my knowledge and experience regaining my post-baby fitness and self-esteem.  I don’t take this responsibility lightly! I’ve had messages from so many women wondering, “How do you fit it all in?”, “How do I fix my Diastasis Recti?”, “How do I get back into working out and what workouts can I do after having a baby?” So, in order to answer all your questions and more, I made the Stunning Mom Challenge.  During this three month challenge, we are going to dig into the following lessons:

  1. Assessing your Diastasis Recti, scarring, hernias, and mommy bod.
  2. Steps to take medically and exercises you can do at home.
  3. Addressing mommy nutrition, from keeping up enough calories and nutrients for breastfeeding to losing weight while doing so.
  4. CONFIDENCE- How do you love your body the way it is RIGHT NOW?
  5. Developing a fitness plan that works for you AND your family.
  6. How to “get it all done”.
  7. Taking care of MOMMY…when you ARE Mommy…
  8. Any of YOUR postpartum concerns! (Lessons customized to YOUR needs!)

So, let’s lift each other up, motivate, inspire, and learn to be the best moms we can be. TOGETHER!

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Here's who I'm looking for to test this new program:

  • Mommies!- TCC, pregnant, 1 day postpartum, or 10 years postpartum
  • Someone who’s given birth through c-section, vaginally, naturally, unnaturally? (jk, what?), someone who’s breastfed, someone who’s bottle-fed, someone who’s gained a lot of baby weight, someone who lost it all, but wants to gain muscles, someone who baby wears, someone who pushes strollers! All types of moms accepted here!!
  • Believers of lifting other mommies up! POSITIVE VIBES ONLY!
  • Mom who LOVES her children something fierce! So much so that she KNOWS she most take care of herself too in order to do so!
  • A mommy who’s afraid to workout or complete a fitness program due to Diastasis Recti, postpartum pain, issues, or weakness, or breastfeeding
  • Someone who still doesn’t quite feel GOOD ENOUGH yet, like she doesn’t have enough time to figure this out, doesn’t want to spend money on herself, doesn’t know if she can do it, BUT knows that something has to CHANGE!
  • Moms desiring a healthy, positive, energetic life for herself and her family!!

I want to help!

If this is YOU, I want to help! I want to be there for you, be your guiding light, and your partner in this for the next 3 months. Here’s my promise to you:

  1. As a NASM Certified Personal Trainer, Nutrition Specialist, and FIT2B Expert on Diastasis Recti, I will provide you with my step by step knowledge of tackling your DR, postpartum, and “MomBod” goals.
  2. A personalized fitness plan for you, including nutrition.
  3. Daily accountability through a variety of sources and weekly coach check-ins.
  4. A full support group of women who are going through the exact same thing!
  5. I will provide you with all the tools you need to successfully reach your goals, whatever they may be.

Ready to be a part of the Stunning Motherhood Project?