Alright, so your goals are set.  What’s next? Before we get into different fitness programs, I want to talk briefly about changing your mindset? I love a quote by the former strength & conditioning coach for the AZ Cardinals, “Get your mind right.”  Success in a fitness program and living a healthy lifestyle require the correct mindset.

So I am going to get a little philosophical on you.  Why do people fail in living a healthy lifestyle?  In my humble opinion, it is because we all have perceptions or views of ourselves that make up our so-called identity.  It’s these views or perceptions that limit us.  Instead of living everyday deeply within the moment, we wade through the day confirming our perceptions and views which are mostly based on ignorance (Fox News anybody).  The next time you catch yourself thinking that you are too busy to workout, that you don’t have time to eat healthy, that healthy food doesn’t taste good, or that you could never do X or Y, simply ask yourself, “Am I sure?”  Am I sure that I can’t do these things, or are my perceptions limiting me.  Throw away your perceptions, live within the moment.  The other road block that we face is our habits!  Many of us are on autopilot and we don’t even know it.  We worry too much (Yep, I admit it that is most definitely me), we become workaholics, and we get stuck in cycles of stress and unhealthiness.  Be aware of your unhealthy habits.  When they arise, simply acknowledge them, move on, and they will transform over time.

So here is where I think a mission statement fits in.  A mission statement is different from goals because it acts as a framework for you to live your life by.  A mission statement puts down on paper the values that you want to live your life by.  It’s a path.  I highly recommend reading Stephen Covey’s 7 Habits of Highly Effective People as you will get a much deeper explanation of mission statements and also be provided with many other useful tools.  When you sit down to write your mission statement, think of different areas of your life: Family; Work; Spiritual; Friends; Health/Fitness; Community; Etc. and jot down characteristics that you would like to exude.  Then discuss it with your family and friends and formulate a writing that serves as a path for how you will live your life.  You can then constantly add to it, refine it, and adapt it based on your insights from everyday experiences.  I would pose to you that living a healthy lifestyle should be included within your mission statement.  Living healthy should be a priority in your life.  I challenge you to get your mind right.  Live your life in a way that cultivates kindness, love, health, peace, and knowledge and get rid of those views, perceptions, and habits that will only limit your journey in life.