The Stunner N Gunner Scrawny to Brawny Challenge starts Monday October 6th, 2014!

Who is the Scrawny to Brawny Challenge for?

It is for those of you who are looking to gain serious muscle mass.

How are we going to get from Scrawny to Brawny?

We will be using the Body Beast Program.

What is the Body Beast Program?

Body Beast is an innovative, comprehensive bodybuilding system proven to add up to 10 pounds of muscle in 90 days.  Created by Sagi Kalev, world-renowned trainer and former two-time Mr. Israel, Body Beast combines extreme workouts, ground breaking nutrition, and scientifically advanced supplementation. Whether you’re new to lifting weights or are a certified gym rat, Body Beast will deliver results beyond what you imagined possible.

The Importance of Nutrition & Supplementation

One of the most important aspects of Body Beast is fueling your body with proper nutrition. In order to go from scrawny to brawny, you will need to take in a lot of calories using the right types of foods. The Body Beast program will walk you through how to calculate your caloric needs and will break down what types of foods you should be eating and how much of those types of foods you should be eating each day.

If you purchase a challenge pack from Stunner N Gunner Fitness, we will throw in a free nutritional log so that you can track the food you eat. We will also throw in a free meal plan so that you can get started right!

Supplementation is also extremely important with Body Beast. It is important that you hit your nutritional requirements and supplementation will make it that much easier, especially if you have a busy schedule with work and/or kids. The Body Beast challenge pack comes with a top of the line whey protein powder that contains no artificial colors, sweeteners, flavors, or untested ingredients. It also comes with a fuel shot supplement that gives you the perfect balance of carbohydrates to push you through your workouts. The Challenge pack also includes a top notch creatine supplement that will help you recover from your workouts and get you maximum results! Lastly, the challenge pack contains Super Suma, an amazing supplement that will boost your testosterone naturally. To put it simply, if you want to get huge, these supplements are a must!

The Body Beast Challenge pack is on sale right now for $170. This includes the workouts, the nutrition guide, and a one month supply of supplements. 

What are the advantages of doing Body Beast with a Challenge Group?

When you join the Stunner N Gunner Scrawny to Brawny Challenge, you will be coached by the Stunner, aka Josh. Josh is currently one week into the Body Beast Program and is loving it already. He will motivate you, answer any questions you have, provide you with insights on the recipes, give you meal plans and help you push farther than you could ever imagine. We will also set up a forum on Facebook where we can all keep each other accountable for completing the program and where we can all stay in contact.

So take the Stunner N Gunner Fitness Scrawny to Brawny Challenge today!

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