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Stunner N Gunner Fitness
Stunner N Gunner Fitness3 days ago
He has Risen! Happy Easter! So thankful for my handsome men and our many blessings! Wishing you all a blessed day full of joy! @ Gilbert, Arizona
Stunner N Gunner Fitness
Stunner N Gunner Fitness4 weeks ago
Feeling my upper body lately! It’s all those Strength Train together classes I’ve been teaching! Come check out my Y!!

#musclemomma #momswholift #vosymca
Stunner N Gunner Fitness
Stunner N Gunner Fitness1 month ago
Happy birthday to the man I’d follow anywhere. Today I celebrate you for who you are. I’m so very thankful to know you and love you. You are a hard worker, but always put your family first. You care deeply about things, from sports, to politics, freedom, animals, the environment, and our future. You love and respect your children and me. You read to them, are patient with them, and best of all put up with them 😉 You are kind, guarded, handsome, have a terrible sense of humor, but think you’re hilarious, which is enough to make yourself laugh so I’m cool with that. You try, and try, and try again. Your determination is inspiring to me, except when you try to fix things around the house... Keep being you this year and keep getting better with age. I love you. Happy birthday. @joshmaustin
Stunner N Gunner Fitness
Stunner N Gunner Fitness2 months ago
Taking care of my little sickies takes on a whole new aspect as a working mom. Feeling those juggling skills 🤹‍♀️ flexing! New job, new daycare, new responsibilities and now add illness! Oh goodness, mad love to my working mommas that have been there! Thankful for an understanding work place! #workingmom #ymca #sickbabies
Stunner N Gunner Fitness
Stunner N Gunner Fitness3 months ago
Sunday’s are for family hikes (and no make up)! We took our worship outside today to praise God for this beautiful place in which we live! Well, our oldest cried 90% of the time after he tripped on nothing and scratched his leg...🤦🏾‍♀️ but contrary to their grumpy faces the twins had a great time. Let’s rock this week! #familyhike #babybackpack #babywearing #gooutside