Post Twins- Operation “Deflate” That Belly!

Post Twins- Operation “Deflate” That Belly!

One thing they don’t tell you about pregnancy (that they totally should because it’s pretty freaky) is that after birth your belly doesn’t just go back to normal. In fact, you may go into the hospital 9 months pregnant, but you may leave still looking 3 months, or in my case 6 months pregnant! While my post pregnancy body may show the extreme due to twins and diasistis recti (split abs due to an abnormal size belly), pregnancy definitely does a number to us all.

“Operation Deflate That Belly”

Date Night Secret Weapon!

Since this was my second pregnancy, I knew coming in what I would look like coming out, SO I knew I had to do something different this time around.  Even with my exercise and diet on point throughout my first pregnancy and postpartum journey, I could not help being disappointed with the shape of my protruding belly for the first few months of having my son. So, before my twins were born I did some research and reached out to friends for recommendations on some kind of belly band that would help me “keep it all in” and “deflate” my belly.  I decided to try the Bellefit girdle because it came highly recommended and would work with c-sections.  I was very nervous about the effects a c-section would have on my body and knew that core strengthening would be very necessary.

Fit right back into my pre-pregnancy jeans!

Feelin’ Sassy in my Medium Bellefit Dual-Closure Girdle!

I began wearing my Bellefit girdle a few days after my c-section (once I was cleared by my doctor and could stand any material coming close to my skin).  Even though I am a small person and only weighed about 120 lbs after giving birth, I started with the size medium girdle for comfort. This was my first experience with anything like a girdle around my waist.  Immediately I saw and felt a difference! Of course, I felt like I was packing in a lot of “loose” parts into my stomach and at the same time I was able to stand up straighter and correct my posture which had been so terrible throughout pregnancy due to all my weight being in the front. As a bonus, I was able to immediately get back into my pre-pregnancy jeans and wear clothes without insecurity and feeling like people thought I was still pregnant.  I received so many compliments while

wearing my Bellefit girdle about how fast I bounced back and how it didn’t even look like I just had twins! That’s definitely a necessary boost to any new momma’s spirit!

It’s now been nine weeks since I have had my twins and there has been significant progress.  At the six-week point I was cleared to start working out again, however, I still will need rehab for significant diasistis recti. The Bellefit girdle has helped me concentrate on “drawing in” my abs and has helped me improve my core muscles drastically.  I’ve progressed from a size medium girdle to the XS corset.  It comes in extra handy for date nights with my hubby and my confidence really helps bring the SPARK back after baby! While I still have a way to go in my postpartum journey, I highly recommend the Bellefit products to help us mommas regain strength and confidence after baby.

If you’d like to try a Bellefit girdle or corset yourself, feel free to use the code KYLEEA20 for $20 off!! You can find their website here:

**While I am an affiliate of Bellefit (I asked to share my story with them after having such great success), I never support or recommend products that I don’t use or LOVE myself.  I hope you like your Bellefit girdle as much as have liked mine, but please don’t buy it just because I say so 🙂 Do your research and you might just come to the same conclusion as I did! Just know if you do choose a Bellefit and use my discount code, my family enjoys a bit of $ as well! Enjoy that post-baby body girl!**

36 Weeks Pregnant with Twins Update!

36 Weeks Pregnant with Twins Update!

We made it! Wow! I almost thought we wouldn’t get here, but I’m so proud of myself for doing so! The goal with most twin pregnancies is 36 weeks and even though I struggled through every minute of it, I’m actually feeling really good this week! (more…)

“But I already HAVE a baby!” Finding out you are having twins after your first…

“But I already HAVE a baby!” Finding out you are having twins after your first…

“I can’t believe you are showing already!” “You are getting big!” “Are you sure you are only eight weeks along?”

My “Bump” at 8+ Weeks

These are just the things you want to hear from your husband and family at 8 weeks pregnant, right? Of course not! The first trimester of my second pregnancy was just settling in with me, and while I was still less than 110 pounds and feeling good, my family was insistent on bringing me down just a notch with their fun commentary.  Thanks peanut gallery…

Leaving my 17 month old son at home with my father, I excitedly headed to my first real doctors appointment to hopefully see my new little 8 week old bundle of joy in my ever-growing belly.  The clean, friendly doctor’s office was a pleasant experience; My doctor confirming my results and finally doing a physical check of the outside of my baby bump.

“Hmmm…your belly is measuring a little farther along than you described…” she ponders as she pokes around a little.

“Haha. Yeah, my husband says I’m so big I better be having twins! I could have been wrong with my last period date?”  I said, secretly hoping for the latter so I could be closer to the date when I could have a baby in my arms!

“Well, let’s get an ultrasound just to take a peak.” Her hesitancy and urgency started to make me worry a bit…could there be something wrong? (more…)

My Husband’s Perspective of My Gestational Diabetes Journey

My Husband’s Perspective of My Gestational Diabetes Journey

My Gestational Diabetes journey as viewed by my husband, “The Gunner”, Josh Austin, and tips on how to deal with it together-

You were diagnosed with gestational diabetes, now what? Gestational diabetes can be downright frustrating. In Kylee’s case, she was diagnosed with gestational diabetes in both her pregnancy with Tristan and now in her pregnancy with the twins, Kayden and Keegan. When we first learned of the diagnosis, it came as a shock. After all, we ate pretty darn healthy (with an occasional cheat meal thrown in), but all-in-all we ate very clean. And it became more maddening when after eating a piece of fruit, Kylee’s blood sugar would skyrocket above the 120 range. So what did we do?  We experimented and this blog is the result of our experiences [and I say our, because I am sort of the Chef/Husband in our relationship] with gestational diabetes.